Thursday, October 17, 2019

Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 7

Proposal - Essay Example Generating revenues will require the integration of the various departments, to push our brand to the market, transforming the company into a successful business entity. After analyzing the market structure of the company, understanding its clients and manufacturers, this proposal seeks to transform the weaknesses into strengths, by analyzing the opportunities available. It is important to understand that although the company has successfully managed to win in the current market, there is no guarantee of competitor threats. As such, this proposal seeks to capture the current market, gaining total control as well as diversifying into new markets. The company has a strong presence in its current market, evidenced by the high sales turnover. Having concentrated in the current market for a considerable amount of time, John and Johnson Company has successfully managed to win the largest market share. Quality satisfies customers even more, as with quality, a customer gets the value for their money. To satisfy customers, it is important to provide them with high quality products and services, which meet their needs and interests. Therefore, the company, by collaborating with manufacturers, has provided them with the customer’s views on the desired quality of goods. As a marketing organization, the company has direct contact with its customers, and thus conducts research on the reception of different products, as well as collecting their views and sentiments regarding a particular product. The company then compiles this in form of a report, then advices its manufacturers accordingly. Subsequently, the manufactures have responded to these views by adding features to the products, thus winning more customers. The company exhibits strong business ethics whenever conducting its business. While collaborating with the manufacturers, John and Johnson ensure that there is a strong client-customer relationship. It feeds

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